ATLANTIS THE PALM DUBAI -  Atlantis the Palm is Clarita’s second home! Come see her perform at Nasimi and Barazura

GALAXY PIANO - Luxury pianos and enhancing lifestyle, Galaxy piano proudly sponsors Clarita.

EZRA FASHION DESIGN - Considered as one of the major forces and influences in fashion in the Middle East/Gulf Region as it continually trailblazes with its modern classic design sensibility with a twist.  You will often see Clarita performing in a stunning Ezra Gown.

BAREFACE - Supporting Clarita since she first landed in Dubai! The UAE’s leading Modelling agency and Entertainment Agency.

BODY GLOVE - Ambassador for Body Glove UAE since October 2012

21st CENTURY LEADERS FOUNDATION - Clarita was elected as a 21st Century Leader January 2012, find all information here as well as her artwork for the foundation.

AUSTYLE DISTRIBUTION - Find Clarita wearing some of Australia’s most stylish women’s wear from Austyle Distribution.